Disaster (fire, vandalism, water) happen to patient records?

Depends. In case of disaster, the patient records might be lost if they are on paper or stored on a computer server. Nowadays, more and more doctors offices have "cloud based" EMRs (electronic med records) so even if a clinic were to be destroyed, the records are safe. It's a good idea to keep your own set of "records" in case of disaster (meds, important medical information) that you can take with you.
See answer. If the records are computerized and backed up with the back up off site then the records are secure. If not computerized it's likely the paper charts would be destroyed.
EMR. Most if all all hospital records are in electronic and thus there will be backup or cloud storage off site.
Digital age. These days most medical records are stored electronically. They are backed up elsewhere also. Peace and good health.
Patient records. When disasters happen doctors office's and hospitals are not immune to them. Patient's records have been lost, burned in fires or just stolen on many occasions. This is one of the reasons that doctors are being urged to move to electronic medical records that are stored off site. Then even if the office goes under, your records are safe.
This was an issue! As we modernize world-wide, this is less likely since there are electronic storage formats with back-up. This prevents physical destruction but introduces hacking. But encryption tries to stay ahead of that. Don't worry too much!
Being able to. retain and preserve medical records when disaster hits it a major advantage of electronic medical records. Many hospitals have special protections (fire proofing, etc) in the records room, but often older records ARE destroyed in a disaster situation. However, current records, created electronically, live in a secure cloud and, with proper permissions, can be retrieved.
Diaster records. If you keep your records online then they will be there. I worked in Dominica years ago & they had had a hurricane that blew all medical records. They then required everyone to keep their own records. Using a small blue lined school exam booklet. Worked well. If you came to clinic without it you went to end of the line. Most had theirs every visit. Dr. would write in them including what to do.
New technology. Patient records have been digitalized into computer servers that mostly back up to outside the hospital areas such as the "cloud". Computerization has been the bane of the modern doctors' existence, but in this case works well for a disaster.
Lost medical records. Try gathering information from Pharmacy, consultant or Hospital.
Back up procedures. It depends on what back up procedures are available. This is something you can discuss with your physician . Be certain you get copies of your own records after every visit, and make your own file. This is because you may have records from various physicians .
Sometimes. But now more and more records are electronic with full back-up.
Records are secure. Most records are stored electronically and backed up to central locations, so that in the setting of fire or water damage, patient records are very safe. In most cases, however, there's nothing to worry about; most patients know the important information about themselves, such as serious conditions and allergies. It's a good idea to keep a short medical history in your wallet just in case.
Please rephrase. What exactly is your question? Patient records can obviously be damaged by all of the above causes.
Patient records. It is hardly likely that the disaster will damage patient records.Yes it could happen in a doctor's office but unlikely. Believe me -- the country is praying for you and that's not just because I am a Preacher's kid!