Is there treatment for partial paralysis?

Depends on cause. Paralysis = complete loss of strength or movement in a limb or muscle group. Partial means there is some left. The causes are numerous, from a stroke, to nerve damage of particular peripheral nerve, to spinal stenosis, etc. Treatment is geared toward underlying problem, so careful diagnosis by neurologist is the first step to proper treatment.

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Is there any treatment for partial paralysis?

Unlcear question. Partial paralysis: not sure what mean, perhaps hemiparesis, which is weakness or lack of movement on one side of the body. Or partial paralysis meaning marked weakness but still can move the muscles. Heterophyid is not a real word. Do you mean hyperthyroid. Write question over again. Read more...

I am 67 and suffer from tendon pain behind the right knee. What treatment can I get? I had myelitis in my brain stem & partial paralysis 7 years ago

Did Dr. diagnosed... If a doctor diagnosed i may agree, because is a rare condition. One very common condition is baker'cyst, other like sacroiliac joint problems, etc..Anyway i advise to find a good prolotherapist. Read more...