Abdominoplasty versus panniculectomy - which is better?

Abdominoplasty. An abdominoplasty will result in a better abdominal contour and would be more aesthetically pleasing. Although the scars are the same for both procedures, the similarities end there. A panniculectomy is a procedure which removes the excess skin of the abdominal apron or pannus below the belly button. An abdominoplasty does this and also removes excess skin above the umbilicus. An abdominoplasty al.
Depends. Panniculectomy may be best and most appropriate if you have a lot of weight left to lose but you also have hanging abdominal skin which impedes your activities. Abdominoplasty is ideal if you are not overweight and you have extra skin and also need your abdominal wall tightened.
Different Operations. These 2 operations are very different in their indications and results achieved. Some patients may not be a candidate for abdominoplasty surgery and do better with panniculectomy ( and vice versa). The abdominoplasty surgery involves re-approximation of the abdominal wall muscles while the panniculectomy involves removal of the excess skin/adipose tissue of the lower abdominal wall (pannus).
Muscle is critical? The condition of your rectus muscles is probably the single most important deciding factor on choosing between the two. The abdominoplasty is more of a sculpting procedure whereas the panniculectomy is a simpler removal of redundant skin and fat with agosl of debunking rather than shaping.
Abdominoplasty. The difference is that an abdominoplasty tightens the muscles underneath like sucking your belly in, while a panniculectomy only removes skin and fat.