Can I go to school for dental assistant and work for orthodontics?

Yes. Dental assisting schools do in fact teach some orthodontic assisting. However, after finishing dental assisting programs, you will have to learn much much more working with an orthodontist. Depending on the state (calif), you would need to contact the state board of dental examiners to determine what you are permitted to do. Passing expanded function exams will be better too.
YES. Depending on the state you live in, there might be minimal classes you would have to attend. Best if you would look up a schoool for dental assisting that you could do part time to get you exposure to the field. You might also call a local orthodontist and express interest and they will guide you as to what you should do.
Orthodontic assist. Yes, the range of your allowable duties however, depends of which state you plan on working.
Orthodontic training. Most dental assisting programs will only teach the very basics of dentistry and offer very little in terms of orthodontic training. However, you have to have the basic dental knowledge and skills before advancing to orthodontics. Then with these basic skills you could get hired and trained by an orthodontist.
Most certainly. In many states you can be employed in an Orthodontic practice with no formal training. The Orthodontist will train you. Some states have restrictions on what you can and cannot due without formal training. Getting an education first, however, will make it easier to get that first job, and will make it easier to then learn to successfully complete assigned tasks. Good luck.
Orthodontics. Yes you can. Typically an orthodontist might hire you for simple jobs and a low salary an get your trained up to orthodontic assisting. I would try and get on with an orthodontist during your assistant training. Offer to work for free to learn about orthodontic assisting while your are in training.
Absolutely. There are many programs leading to an rda certificate and a job in orthodontics. Most orthodontists have 3-5 rda orthodontic assistants who have a very important role in providing orthodontic treatment. Check with local community colleges as well as proprietary tech schools in your area. The local dental society can also give you information that will help you realize your goals.
Yes. Different states have different laws so you need to look into your local laws. As long as you get your certificate you should be willing to work with any type of dentist.
Yes. Dental assisting school will provide you with the basic training for assisting in dentistry. Assisting in an orthodontic office will usually require some additional skills which are sometimes obtained while on the job.