How much is the average orthodontics braces?

Depands case /locati. The cost in us can vary from 3500 to 7000. The variation can be based on the degree of problem or malocclusion, expertise of the doctor , mechanics used ( visible, partially visible-ceramic braces, totally invisible -clear aligners, invisalign etc and the geographic location. Some metropolitan areas might be more expensive due to larger local overheads.In third world countries it is much cheaper.
Depends on the case. Depends on the complexity of treatment, and the time needed to treat the malocclusion. .
Brace Costs. The average costs of braces is around $4700 but this varies throughout the nation depending where you live. Other factors that affect price include whether or not the doctor is a dentist or an orthodontist. Whether or not the orthodontist is board certified or not. The amount of experience, the types of braces, etc.
Varies. greatly based on treatment needed, neighborhood/state, provider. Typically for a comprehensive case, with insurance, it will likely be under $5,000 (most negotiated rates with carriers), but we have seen prices here in CO range from $4,000 to over $9,000 depending on the above factors. We are here in CO and are much closer to the $4,000 typically (while being named the #1 provider in the state!)
Wide range. The range for professional fees for orthodontic treatment is extremely wide. The fees are based on a number of factors including the severity, difficult, time requirements, need for adjunctive services, procedures, and appliances. So you can see that an appointment with an orthodontic specialist and perhaps a second opinion are necessary to determine the costs for your situation.
Varies by region. A full orthodontic case, one that requires 18-24 months treatment will run between $4500 and $8000 depending upon region, case difficulty, appliances needed to treat the case. Consults are normally free, go find out!
Depends. There are many factors involved in fees. Treatment goals, materials, city, office experience, and others. Plan on $3000 to start (like an invisalign express) up to $8000 for complete ortho. Some extreme cases that take a long time and precision can get upwards to $15, 000 to $20, 000, but these are not average cases (the question being the average cost).
It varies.... Depending on the complexity of the case, the insurance coverage that you have and the type of appliances you would need. Most offices have affordable payment plans. Range could be influenced on the locality as well. What would cost $5, 000 in one area, could be $8, 000 in another.
Varies. Varies by area of the country. Cost higher on both coasts and in major cities, where the cost of living is higher. Most qualified orthodontists charge according to the severity of the malocclusion, therefore the amount of time to resolve the problem. "orthodontic treatment" is a highly specialized service. "braces" are a commodity. Choose your orthodontic specialist wisely.
Around 5,000 dollars. The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the age of the patient, complexity of the case, area of the country, and other factors. Usually most full cases average 5-6, 000 dollars with early phase 1 partial treatments more in the 3, 000 range.