Oral surgery and oral piercing?

Not good idea. Having oral surgery with an oral piercing in place is not a good idea. These things act like little wrecking balls in the mouth and can chip away teeth at an alarming rate. Your surgeon is likely to ask you to remove the oral piercing prior to the procedure.
Oral surgery. If you have a piercing and wondering if you should keep it while having a procedure the answer would be no. A tongue piecing for example could get dislodged and displaced to your lungs.
Remove. Oral piercing should be removed prior to surgery so it is not dislodged and swallowed during prodecure.

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Wisdome teeth surgery and oral piercing?

Need to be removed. Any time you have surgery inside your mouth, or oral surgery, such as having your wisdom teeth removed, any and all oral piercing devices should be removed. They may interfere with the surgery, and will certainly be more likely to cause soft tissue damage or prolong healing after surgery. In general, oral piercings are always a bad idea, sorry to say. They cause much damage to oral tissues.
What is your questio. Wisdom teeth surgery should not be a problem. Oral piercing - if you are having it done- stay away from metal piercings - they cause a lot of damage. If you have a piercing - depending on the type and location - it may or may not interfere with the extractions.
Think! If you puncture your healthy body and place a foreign object into the opening and expect mother nature to form a perfect protective seal around your invasion then go and have your wisdom teeth out which probably is a very wise choice, you realize that all the normal bacteria in your mouth have the possibility to enter the blood stream. Why add insult to injury.?

Is it safe to get dermal, dimple piercings today with 18 rotten teeth? I'll undergo oral surgery in a few months

Bacteremia. No. Rotten or abscessed teeth can intermittently lead to bacteria in your bloodstream which could infect any foreign body or surgical site. I would recommend attending to your teeth first.
Priorities. It never ceases to amaze me how one will spend money on something like a dimple piercing while letting their teeth rot out. Cellphones, tattoos, cigarettes, etc. We have one set of teeth that can las a lifetime. That dimple piercing will be gone in a year.
Bad idea. Bad idea to take this risk with your mouth loaded with harmful bacteria and possible active infections. Wait until you heal after the Oral Surgery / restorative treatment for safest treatment. Good Luck.
Yes, it is safe if. Your piercer uses safe piercing technique and cross-contamination control. Healing is commonly rapid and uneventful. Since many individuals still desire oral piercings and intend to get them, I think the choose is yours. However, you should see your dentist to improve your overall oral and general health.
Probably not. Increased risk of infecting skin piercings from infected teeth. Probably not a goo idea.
Not smart. Teeth are infected. Doing surgery (piercings) in the same area where you have active infections is not wise. Besides, piercings can do permanent skin damage. If extensive extractions are planned there may be change in facial drape support, and that may compromise position and angulations of fixtures.