7cm complex ovarian cyst, and complex right Ov cyst, dilated tube w/debris, pelvic fluid cause abdominal Bloating? Doctor is concern for ovarian canc.

Yes... Tubal and ovarian masses can cause abdominal bloating. Most ovarian masses (75%), regardless of size, are benign (not cancer). There are many causes of complex tubo-ovarian masses including ectopic pregnancy, infections (abscess), normal physiological process (post ovulation bleeding), etc.; that are not cancer. It is good that you have a clinician following you.

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Just had (2hrs) transvaginal ultrasound to look at an ovarian cyst. Now have pain from pelvic area radiating up to abdomen & bloating. Should I be worr?

Possibly. How big is the cyst? What are its characteristics? If a cyst suddenly ruptures, then it's possible to have some pain which will pass with some time and ibuprofen/advil. If the pain persists and worsens, see a doctor because it could be hemorrhagic (bleeding). Good luck! Consider birth control pills to prevent ovarian cysts from forming. Read more...

4cm complex ovarian cyst. Mri can't ruleout neoplasm. Hysterectomy in apr. Age 37. Horrible pain, bloating, urinary incont. Bowel changes. Surgery?

May have to remove i. Complex ovarian cysts require closer monitoring and consideration of removal if they grow in size. The size is still not big enough to chase it and remove it right now. But an interval re-evaluation in 2-3 months will help to determine if it is increasing in size or not. If it grows over 6 months and the size is bigger than 6-7 cm, i would recommend surgical removal. But also get a ca125 level do. Read more...