Is it normal to have no pubic hair at 16?

Sometimes. If you are developed in all other sex traits I would wait. If you are not then you need to be tested.

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What to do if I could ejaculate but have no pubic hair when will that change is it normal to be able to ejaculate before?

You are how old? Some boys do have their first ejaculation before the hair starts, and even more are able to have the sensation of an ejaculation without the fluid after rubbing themselves for a while. If you're sixteen and have no body hair yet, talk with your physician about it.

I have no pubic hair due to waxing and I'm worried about my jeans?

Not sure. I am not quit sure why you would wax and then worry about your clothing. However, children were jeans just fine with no pubic hair. I am not sure what your concern is.
No problem. Jeans do not present a problem unless you are wearing them daily without underwear. That would not be hygienic unless the jeans were washed after each wearing (like underwear).

I have no pubic hair on the bottom side of base of penis?

Maybe normal. Everybody is built differently. If this is the way your hair came in then this may be your normal. If you have lost hair I would be thinking of medical issues that could happen to cause it.

I have a bump on the left size of my vagina the size of s pea for like 6 years now and its hard and hurts sometimes also I have no pubic hair growing?

Bartholin's Gland. Normally, these glands maintain labial moisture and sex lubrication. You never know they're there until they get blocked up like this, and then it can be horrible! You may have a visit with your fp to confirm. Because of the years this has been there (and now the pain), you may need to go to a gyn for surgical excision.

What is the definition or description of: Absent pubic hair?

No pubic hair. 32 M asks: What is the definition or description of: Absent pubic hair? ANS: No hairs in pubic area. Might google and look at images.

No pubic hair growth after delivery. Why?

Hair. You may have alopecia areata. You should see your dermatologist to find the right answer.

What's wrong if I'm a 20 yo. Adult girl with no deeper voice, no pubic hair, and no periods yet?

Need to see a doctor. No sexual development by the age of 16 in females may be a sign of significant anatomical or hormonal problems. You should see a doctor.
Endocrinologist. You need to see an endocrinologist to determine the cause. Hormonal studies, a pelvic ultrasound, and possibly genetic studies for chromosomes is the direction of an initial work-up. An adult endocrinologist may even consult with a pediatric endocrinologist to help.