Night glare with cataract lenses?

Possibly. I assume you mean intraocular lens implants. If the lenses have not been properly inserted, are multifocal, or if there is a residual refractive error, this may occur, although it is fairly uncommon. Another cause could be opacification of the membrane behind the implant, which can be cleared with the use of a laser.
Please clarify. Cataracts often cause glare, this being the primary reason to have them removed. Iols (replacement lenses) implanted at cataract surgery should clear the vision, but swelling of the cornea (window) afterwards and other defects can also create glare. If a multifocal iol is implanted, expect glare until you get used to them! from your question, i can't tell where you fit in this picture!
Can occur. Multifocal Intraocular Lenses have many advantages: they improve the reading, distance, & intermediate vision in the vast majority of patients (assuming macula, optic nerve, brain are functioning normally). Halos & glare can be biggest issue after MIOLs & these usually improve with time. Vision can improve also after surgery as eye/cornea heals. [email protected]