What is the price range on mouth braces?

Depands case /locati. The cost in us can vary from 3500 to 7000. The variation can be based on the degree of problem or malocclusion, expertise of the doctor , mechanics used ( visible, partially visible-ceramic braces, totally invisible -clear aligners, invisalign etc and the geographic location. Some metropolitan areas might be more expensive due to larger local overheads.In third world countries it is much cheaper.
Considerable. The price range varies considerably. On a young child who only needs some arch development it may be $2000 +. With all the variables, it can go as high as $7000+.
Wide range. Average time in braces supervised by a fully trained orthodontist, 18 months. Average cost for rx a bit above $5, 000. But just as no two people have the same complexity of problem, fees will vary according to the difficulty of treatment. Cost should not be your main determinant. Cheap rx now may lead to expensive maintenance. Choice should be determined by the practitioner's skill level.
Large range. Orthodontics is used from very mild cases to extensive, these factors, along with the experience of the clinician and geography have vast impact on the cost. Excellent orthodontics is a very worthwhile and not too expensive therapy to have, considering the value you receive. Treatment by a poorly trained clinician can cost a lot more later, as defects in treatment are identified, with work redone.
Depends on severity. It is somewhat like buying a car.....how much does a car cost??? Depends on what you need. Longer treatment length is more expensive. More esthetic options often cost more. Fee correlates the complexity of your problem. Best option is to have a consultation with an Orthodontist who can evaluate your treatment alternatives and give you specific costs for you.
$5300-$6100. For comprehensive, full mouth braces, the average range is $5300-$6100.