What are some emerging therapies for treating pancreatic cancer?

Multiple. Currently several molecular targeting agents are under investigation, including inhibitors of a signal transduction pathway ("hedgehog"), vaccine therapies (johns hopkins), interferon-based treatment (virginia mason regimen). Cyberknife radiation treatments are under investigation as well. Most patients with pancreatic cancer should be treated in the setting of a clinical trial if available.
Very little. This type of cancer is almost always discover late and despite all new technology no really advances have being made in this type of cancer. Dr sobrado.
Research. Pancreas cancer is a tough cancer to cure. Recent treatments in addition to gemcitabine include abraxane, tarceva, (erlotinib) and a tough regimen called folfirinox in selected patients. Ongoing basic & clinical research is needed. See here: https://tgenfoundation.Org/netcommunity/page.Aspx?Pid=221 ...For one example of a serious research program based on science.

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Can natural/chinese therapy in conjunction with chemo be used to fight pancreatic cancer?

What is natural/ Chinese therapy? I am not aware of any controlled clinical trials assessing the efficacy of "natural/chinese therapy", therefore I am not able to provide an informed opinion. It is very important to seek traditional care at the earliest since pancreatic cancer has a high mortality rate. Read more...
Perhaps. Whenever one of my patients wants to use natural or alternative therapy for a problem. I always ask them to show me exactly what it is they are taking. Some things may help, some things may really do nothing at all, but some things may have bad side effect when combine with other medicines. Your doctor can cross check your alternative medicines with whatever they order. Read more...

Hello docs, is gene therapy suitable for pancreatic cancer patients?

Not available. Gene therapy for cancers, including pancreatic cancer is not in common use. See this site for more info. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/gene-therapy/my00105. Read more...