Slushy light colored stool and dark urine?

Potentially serious. If your stools are pale & your urine is dark like tea, this may indicate possible potentially serious problems with your liver or pancreas. This needs to be evaluated immediately by a GI specialist, especially if you also notice yellowing of your eyes. Lab tests, ct scan or an ultrasound examination are recommended.

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I'm curious as to why in hepatitis, pale stool and dark urine occurs?

Hepatitis. During hepatitis, jaundice occurs which is due to increased bilirubin in the blood. A by-product of bilirubin is urobilinogen which is excreted in the urine causing the dark color.

What could be wrong if my stool is pale and my urine is dark?

Here are some. .. The combo of pale stool and dark urine clinically suggests possible occurrence of poor bile excretion into duodenum from bile duct obstruction by stone or tumor. So, bring the info on the onset, degree, duration, evolution, & progress of the symptoms and signs over time to Doc for analysis + physical exam + timely tests so to deduce possible Dx and receive reasonable Rx / care.