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Ligament laxity make the knee more unstable?

Yes. I would recommend a lot of quad and hamstring strengthening to strengthen the surrounding area. Also, use of a patella sleeve or knee brace would provide some exterior support and prevent exercise related instability.

Could having ligament laxity make the knee more prone to the treatment options for ligament laxity?

? U don't get treatment 4 lax ligaments if it is not due 2 an injury. Many times it is congenital & global, all joints. No treatment 4 that.

I have ligament laxity in all my joints will shoe inserts help my knees?

Give it a try. And you tell us. The only recommendation or comment I have is to get a good quality shoe insert. The ones that are flimsy are not very effective.

What's the reason why I may need a cast on my knee? Is there any point of having one for a meniscus tear and possible ligament laxity

Knee immobilizer. A removable hinged knee brace is more commonly used to help protect the unstable knee, especially for the first 6 weeks after reconstructive surgery. Meniscal repairs do not routinely require bracing, although limited weight bearing (crutches) along with limits of range of motion (0-90 degrees) are commonly recommended for about 6 weeks.

I have a problem of ligament laxity after a long walk I get bruises on my knees and inner arch of the feet. Why is that so n is a long walk gud for me?

If U have flat feet- -when U have pronated feet, when Ur feet strike the ground & get in 2 the stance stage of running they collapse & can cause bruising of the inner foot, & it causes a medial (inside)aspect of the knees which can lead 2 medial ccollateral ligament strain which would feel like a bruise. U need 2 start with evaluation of Ur feet & have custom inserts. Podiatrist or orthopedist, Ur choice.

Will I ever be able to play sports again if I have ligament laxity in my right ankle, knee, and thigh? Will my leg ever feel the same?

Laxity. Ligament sprains over time or multiple injuries to the same joint will result in ligament laxity or attenuation - a stretching of the ligaments. Resistance exercises or strengthening your ankle and knee muscles will tighten those muscles and tendons and help reduce the laxity. Surgery can be performed is cases where the muscles and ligaments are both stretched/ laxed to tighten them up.
Sports. See your podiatrist, orthopedist and physical therapy and as a team they will help get you as far back as possible..

I'm 25, diagnosed with ligamentous laxity after recurrence of knee edema, i'd like to know if I can go to the gym and run and what type of exercises?

Not enough info. The physician who made that diagnosis knows the severity of that laxity and which ligaments are involved. I encourage you to ask that provider if there should be any particular restrictions of activity. Take care.
Talk with your ortho. Who has evaluated you as they are in the best position to advise you.