I have ligament laxity and I want to know if theres a treatment?

Muscle strengthening. Muscles are dynamic stabilizers of joints in motion. The strength and firing patterns of muscles can be optimzed through exercise (physical therapy) which may help to compensate for loose ligaments. This is the usual 1st line approach in a patient with symptoms of joint laxity. Only if this fails should surgical intervention be considered to tighten "loose" ligaments.

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What to do if I have ligament laxity and I want to know if theres a treatment?

See below. All depend weather the ligament laxity is localized to one joint and the result of some injury (in that case reconstruction of the ligament may be needed)or wearher you have generalized laxity in all your joints, if that is the case ther is not specific treatment however you can do strenghening exercises and some times if you practice some sports bracing of that particular joint will prevent furth.

Could having ligament laxity make the knee more prone to the treatment options for ligament laxity?

? U don't get treatment 4 lax ligaments if it is not due 2 an injury. Many times it is congenital & global, all joints. No treatment 4 that.

Multiple shoulder dislocations and inherent ligament laxity. Physical therapy for a year, but still sublaxating. Surgery or prolotherapy?

Surgery. I would go with the surgery at this point. Your main concern is lack of stability which drives your pain. Once your shoulders are stable, there will be a lot easier to control pain, which would be the main reason for prolotherapy.
Shoulder Specialist. Surgery varies widely and it is important to pick a surgeon that peforms the procedure you require hundreds of times a year. Learn more here: http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=lshmf02fxam and http://www. Theshouldercenter. Com/shoulderpain/2012/shoulder-specialist/surgeryspecialist/.