I just experienced the immediate denture procedure. Any suggestions on liquid form diets to fill me up?

Sure ! Lots of things to "eat" without fear of problems. Applesause, pudding, plain yogurt (flavored ok, but no particles), mashed potatoes--maybe with a little cheese melted in, scrambled eggs, smoothies with whey protein added, but no seeds/particles, jello, ensure, milkshakes with a spoon, pancakes after a few days.Cut things up as if you were feeding a 12-18 month old child, chew slowly in small circles.
Protein drinks. Consider complete nutritional drinks such as ensure.
Soft stuff. Remember two things: your mouth is learning a new way to chew and that takes time, and let comfort be your guide as to how soft foods have to be.
Yes. Try ensure which is available at your grocery store . High is calories and nutrients, and several good flavors.