If u do a chest x ray, echocardiogram and doppler of abdominal aorta, can the doc detect aneurysm of thoracic aorta? I have STRONG pulse in my throat!

You are young. unless you have a connective tissue disease such as marfans, erhlos danlos,, or trauma, or a rheumatological disease for ex. takayasus, a thoracic aneurysm is unlikely. Yes is can be detected on chest xray as an outpouching. Have you had any manipulation of your neck? dissections could occur which is least likely. if you are still concerned, have an MRI or CT of the chest or Barium swallow.
Yes, the echo. Echocardiogram will be able to detect thoracic aneurysm, chest X-Ray if it is large enough, and abd aortic ultrasound will only be able to visualize the most distal part of the thoracic aorta just before it enters the abdomen.