What does a heart ultrasound check?

A lot. It can show. Motion and function of valves, heart muscle thickness, chamber size, wall motion, ability of the atria and ventricles to empty, and can show valve incompetence. It can show the pericardium and whether there is fluid, and how much, and if it impedes chamber filling or emptying (tamponade).

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Hello thank you for accepting me! I had endocharditis 2 years ago. Now I'm due for a check up I'll be having a heart ultrasound in about a week... will I die a lot younger now my heart is damaged

Endocarditis. Wait to see what the Ultrasound shows but doubtful you have damage inspire of having endocarditis. Stay healthy.
Not necessarily. There may be no permanent damage to your heart from the endocarditis. The ultrasound will provide more information about this. There is no evidence that acute endocarditis affects longevity (length of life). If the ultrasound does reveal damage, there are a number of things that can be helpful in maintaining your heart function, such as regular aerobic exercise.
Only if u/s shows it. Damge can be had with endocharditis but cardiac echo will show all the areas of concern, may be normal lifespan, even if valve damage if not too severe can be normal but in future they should have good technowledgy to fix alot of problems, don't worry just have good habits like no smoking, drink moderate alcohol, keep norml weight, walk alot, eat healthy foods.
Insuff Info. Dont know Y U got endocar. If U had valve involved, it is followed, & replaced when necessary, & this performed w decreasing risk today. If signif emboli sent systemic-ally, I dont know functions that were affected. The prob of hav endocard again depends on cause. New Echo result help in prognosis, w lab studies. Leave a 2nd quest w result. Limited Info, but dont believe longev greatly reduced.

How does a heart ultrasound work?

Echocardiogram. Acoustic waves (in the mega-hz so they can't be heard) are sent from the probe and the time the reflected wave takes to return is measured. This is similar to sonar. For moving structures, like valves and blood, the machine takes advantage of the doppler effect (notice the change in tone of the train whistle as it passes a station) to measure velocities.

What all does a heart ultrasound, holter and heart stress test detect?

Many things.. The echocardiogram or heart ultrasound, gives an accurate picture of the heart's anatomy. An ekg demonstrates the cardiac rhythm. A holter moniters the cardiac rhythm over time- say 12 or 24 hours. These measure different aspects of heart function and are helpful in assessing heart function thoroughly.

What's a heart ultrasound for?

Echocardiogram. A heart ultrasound (echocardiogram) uses sound waves to evaluate the structure and function of the heart. It can discover congenital defects, valve disease, evaluate function, and look for evidence of infection.

What is a heart ultrasound used for?

Or Echocardiogram. Is a noninvasive way to evaluate overall heart size and function as well as valve function.

Can heart ultrasound show heart damage?

A cardiac echo. Or u/s is a dynamic study of heart function: wall motion, chamber filling and emptying, and valve motions. It can show damaged wall. It does nothing to detect coronary vessels. It also can find pericardial fluid.
Only gross damage. A cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) will show the size and function of the heart chambers and valves as well as the great vessels entering and exiting the heart. While the echocardiogram will detect wall motion abnormalities it will not detect small areas of damage or plaque build up in the coronary arteries (heart disease).

Having a heart ultrasound. Who does it?

Echo tech. It is performed by a licensed technician and interpreted by a cardiologist in nearly every instance...Some programs are "accredited" & must meet strict criteria.