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Should I admit to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts on college health forms?

I say NO. Sadly, as a psychiatrist, these institutions are victorian at best in their attitude toward ''mental'' difficulties. However, you must discuss this with your psychiatrist--not psychologist or mftt, or social worker ad infinitum. If you are not getting the medical help you need and deserve, do call theamer. Psychoanalytic ass. In nyc. Sliding scale available. Tomorrow!
Yes. Information on these forms helps the student health service respond more helpfully to you. Physicians and nurses staffing the student health service need to know your past medical history, the same as your primary care doctor would. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts count as medical issues needing care. There may be student health psychiatrists on staff as well.
Student Resources. Reporting current symptoms to both student health ; counseling center is ur best bet. You will find several professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist) who will work together 2 help you. If you don't feel like the campus counselors are a good match, ask for a referral. Walk-in the counseling center or call if ur in crisis. Don't hesitate 2 reach out and use ur student resources.

My son (age 22) started citalopram 10 mg for depression. He attends college hours away from me. How can I monitor his reaction (especially suicidal thoughts) to the drug? He is detached, no zest.

Fledgling anxiety. If your son wants your help on monitoring, he can be in frequent touch w/ you - texting, calling, even skype. If he doesn't, then, even if he were closer or at home, you might not be able to. If he's smart enough to be in college, hopefully he'll take side-effects seriously and protect himself. It's hard for you, I'm sure - but you'll need to trust him and your relationship. Remind him you care.
Talk with him. You can talk with him daily, and make sure he continues to follow up with his psychiatrist. Student Health Services usually have psychiatrists who see patients regularly there; sometimes the college employs them, and sometimes they contract to work specific hours. Your son should also have a therapist to work with consistently, so that he comes through this. Encourage sticking with it.
Local support. From a distance the best that you can do is ask. Does his college have a counseling center that you could ask you son if he is willing to seek support from? That way you can have someone who is able to see, hear and talk to him to make sure everything is going ok. At the age of 22 he is an adult so he would have to be the one to agree to this. Good luck?

Can there be rehab for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts?

Yes. If you are having suicidal thoughts, you should be evaluated by a mental health professional. There are inpatient psychiatric units in many hospitals for treatment of severe depression.

What to do if I have depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. What should I do?

If you are having. Thoughts about killing yourself, please be seen at the nearest emergency room now. Have a friend or relative drive you. If need be, you can call 911 for emergency services ; they can provide transport. You can call the national suicide hotline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255. Your dr can assess for mood disorder ; underlying medical conditions that may be causing symptoms. Talking therapy (cognitive >.

I've been taking 100mg Zoloft for depression, anxiety, and to stop my suicidal thoughts. It was working fine for months but about 3 weeks ago it seemed to stop working. At this point it is barely working at all. I did start smoking pot about a month ago f

Ans. Get off that pot. If you have a clinical depression take your Zoloft (sertraline). If you just can't cope with life the Zoloft (sertraline) will not help you and you should get counseling. The thc will only give you more problems. If you truly need help get it and learn your coping skills not an escape with the thc.