What are the nutritional needs for general surgery patients and after gastrointestinal surgery?

Protein,vit&minerals. Surgery is a significant stress on the body and recovering from surgery requires the body to have adequate protein, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. It is best to have good body stores prior to surgery.After surgery particular nutrients may speed recovery.I advise a well-rounded high-quality multivit./mineral supplement with additional vit. C (2000 mg 2x/day) & zinc (30-50mg/day) see comment:.
Protein. Make sure that you eat enough protein. About a .9 to a gram per body weight. Also take a multivitamin and drink plenty of water. At least 800 cc of water a day. Gluts mine is good for bowel recovery and get probiotics or yogurt. This is in short the most important. Focus on vitamin c and a. Carrots and oranges. Also blueberries and for desert dark chocolate. Hope this helps. www.drlugo.com.