Can I have facelift at 60 with a full recovery?

Of course. Then you will look like a 60 year old person who had her face stretched. Except you will be out about $10,000. Some people really benefit. Be sure you really need it.
Usually yes. A facelift can be done at almost any age as long as you are in good overall health. People who smoke or have other medical problems are often not good candidates for a facelift. Many people in their 60s have aging face surgery with excellent results.
Absolutely. The average age of my facelift patients is about 53, but the youngest I have done was 42 and the oldest 85. Recovery from a facelift takes 10-14 days until you will feel presentable to others, but your face will not feel like it belongs to you for 2-3 months: it will feel stiff and will be numb in the areas where the skin is lifted. Age alone does not influence facelift recovery.
Facelift. a facelift is a safe procedure in experienced hands. Your best bet would be to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Yes. Age demographics may vary a bit among practices across the country. In general facelift surgery spans from early 40's to middle 80's and is routinely done at age 60. Chronological age is not necessarily predictive of healing. Individuals who are in good health (e.g. Non-smoker with normal immune system, normal heart, lung and thyroid function and good nutrition status) typically heal well.
Certainly. Age isn't the culprit when it comes to problems after surgery - it's the medical problems and "baggage" (smoking, sun damaged skin) that come with it that you and your surgeon need to take a good look at when planning your surgery.
Yes, Depends on you. Age itself is less of a factor as opposed to how healthy you are. Hypertension, diabetes, heart trouble can all effect surgery. You may need to see your primary care physician before being cleared for surgery. Many people your age get surgery and have a great recovery.
Sure! A facelift at the age of 60 is fine, assuming you are otherwise in excellent health and shape. Recovery should not be a great concern if you're healthy.
Absolutely!! Very common. I have done facelifts in patients over 80 years of age safely, and without complication. Age is not a mitigating factor for facelifts.
After full exam, yes. If you are in good health, you may be an excellent candidate for a facelift with full recovery. Be prepares for other suggestions such as eye lifts or forehead lifts or fat injections or resurfacing, etc.