Has anyone had any experience with dissociative fugue?

No, but... ...Psychoanalysts view fugue as a type of dissociation, a psychological defense mechanism that results in a drastic modification of one's sense of personal identity in order to avoid emotional distress. Once medical causes are ruled out (e.g. Narcolepsy, automatisms of complex partial seizures), psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. In severe cases, antipsychotics may be part of the treatment.

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Who is most susceptible to dissociative fugue?

Fugue states. Dissociative fugue is relatively rare, with a prevalence of .2% in the general population. Those most susceptible to it have experienced highly stressful or traumatic events, such as severe child abuse, crime, war, explosions or attacks like the world trade center in 2001. It can also be prolonged situations rather than events, such as child abuse where the person cannot escape, or being a pow. Read more...