Related Questions

What do I do for fluid behind ear drum?

See a doctor. Fluid behind the eardrum is not normal. You may need decongestants, antibiotics and nasal sprays. Sometimes this is a sign of something going on in the nose or sinuses as well. This should be checked by a doctor.

Fluid behind ear drum, so painful what can I do?

Drainage. See a specialist. Decongestents may help but you can have an infection.

Symptoms of ear infection or fluid behind ear drum?

Pain, hearing issue. In acute otitis there is pain, decrease hearing in kids fever, vomiting and sometimes abdominal pain. In chronic form it decrease in hearing might be the only symptom.

Had fluid behind ear drum kinda crackles and a bit deaf what can I take to get rid of it?

Check with ENT. Depends on how much of fluid you have behind the ear, it may need myringotomy (small nick of the ear drum, to let out fluid), in addition you may need a ear tube. Sometimes it may resolve with medications, or valsava maneuver.

Nearly fainted while standing in heat for 15mins. Given dexamethasone yesterday. Taken Singulair last night. Fluid behind ear drum.

Dehydrated? If you nearly fainted in a hot environment, it is more suggestive of dehydration than drug side effects. Ear involvement may also cause vertigo in some cases,