Question about fibromyalgia syndrome.?

Question. What are you asking about fibromyalgia? This is an excellent site to look at for information.
Pain syndrome. ? Re cause, symptoms & treatment fibromyalgia (FM). Obesity, mechanical injury, loose joints, femaleness, sedentary life, lack of sleep, & multiple childbirths associated w. FM. Symptoms: chronic widespread pain (upper & lower back), depression, & restless sleep. Cure: Aquatherapy, gentle yoga, massage, neutriceuticals, SIJ belt, biofeedback, ingested & topical cannabis, & mindfulness therapies.
Fibromyalgia. Have a full workup from your general care practitioner to determine if fibromyalgia is the correct diagnosis. If so, pain management, preferably with as few pills as possible is of utmost importance. Here is the website of the American Academy of Pain Management:
Which of 1000's? There are so many issues, you cannot get an answer if not more specific!