Are there any ways to reduce facial fat without facialliposuction?

Weight loss may help. Reduction of fat in any area is dependant on whether a person is of ideal body weight or carrying excess weight for their height. In the latter, overall weight loss will help reduce fat in the area of concern more so than in the disproportionate fatty deposit ideal body weight patient. Liposuction is usually indicated for addressing the disproportionate fat.
Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise is the least expensive way to reduce fatty content throughout the body.
ÚCaution with reduce. Most present methods of facial rejuvenation attempt to preserve facial fat or re-position it rather than removing it. Other methods include direct excision, mesotherapy, therm age, etc.
Facial fat. Facial fat may be reduced surgically through incisions inside the mouth (removal of fat pad of behcet) or treated with mesotherapy (injection with fat-dissolving bile acids). There are some ultrasonic or radiofrequency devices which can heat the fat through the skin to dissolve but take experienced operators so as not to damage other structures. Consider letting time do its thing or lose weight.