Why are headlice common in emergency medicine can anaemia cause lice?

Improper use of ER. Head lice are common in emergency medicine because the parent did not contact the child's primary physician. This is never a condition that should waste the time and resources of an emergency room. As head lice is a superficial situation, it does not cause anemia.
No. Anemia does not cause lice. Anemia is a condition in which the oxygen-carrying components of your blood are deficient. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including iron or vitamin b deficiency, sickle cell disease, or chronic disease states, but head lice do not cause anemia.
Population/no. The feds outlawed turning away people with minor issues from a hospital ER without an exam in the 80's.Since that time it has become a common hangout for transients with less than optimal hygiene.Lice create more lice, they are not caused by anemia, although the population that has them may be anemic for other reasons.
HEAD LICE. Head lice is common among school children transmitted by contact causing a lot of itching. Anemia is not related to head lice.