How old do you have to be to get breast surgery for down-sizing?

teens. Puberty is usually the earliest stage at which breast reduction may be performed. The patient must be psychologically prepared for the changes that can occur. In certain conditions such as juvenile breast hypertrophy which occurs with the onset of puberty, extremely large breasts develop which can be psychologically and physically detrimental to the patient. Consult a board certified plastic sg.
Sometimes Teenagers. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations performed, assuming careful patient selection, regardless of the patient's age. Sometimes even teenagers who present with “juvenile breast hypertrophy” benefit from this operation for both physical and psychosocial “reasons”. Of course, patients at this age should understand that additional surgery may be necessary...
Wait until growth .. To avoid having to repeat the surgery it is prudent to wait till you have finished developing. Keep your weight normal since extra weight can manifest as a larger breast. If you are talking about a male then it is important to evaluate the patient for hormone abnormalities. If all is normal then male breast reduction can be done as soon as it is a social problem.
No special age. This surgery is done when the problem is evident, girls as young as 14 have had it done, personal preference is useful here. Discuss with the surgeon.