My breast milk supply is very low in one breast. 7oz in one and 2-3oz in other. Can I increase that one boob?

Maybe, yes. Using the more productive breast more frequently and giving the least milk productive breast more "rest" by alternating the suckling or expression of milk. However, it still may not be as productive because of a reduction in milk ducts compared to the other breast.

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Is there a way to increase breast milk supply after it has gone low? I've been pumping and supplementing and unable to pump every 2 hours.

Mother's Milk. It's very difficult to keep your milk supply up if you are not pumping regularly, because your body down regulates, thinking you don't need it. Still, a tea called Mother's Milk, found in GNC and other vitamin stores, works well to increase milk supply if you drink it three times daily. Also, you can try Brewer's yeast capsules. Lastly, you could ask your obstetrician for a prescription for reglan (metoclopramide)

My breast milk supply is low. Anyone heard of shatavari supplement? Is it safe to take?

Yes...Do Not Know. It is an herbal product derived from an asparagus plant. It is said to increase milk supply. I found no research supporting its effectiveness. There are reported side effects including allergic reactions and possible problems with kidneys. There is absolutely nothjing proving that it is safe for the infant. I would probably not use it.

How can I increase my breast milk supply, having 2 months baby, my milk not sufficient already taking leptaden, no use. Please help. Prefer to bf?

Fenugreek. There are several herbal supplements that supposedly help with milk supply, including fenugreek, brewers yeast, and milk thistle to name a few. Double pumping (both breasts at once) after nursing can be very effective. In the us, there is a prescription medication called "reglan" that has also been used off-label for this purpose. In other countries, "domperidone" is used.

How can I increase my breast milk supply?

Pump or nurse more. Increasing milk supply is a classic supply vs demand. If you are also giving formula to your baby, and not nursing or pumping regularly, your milk supply will adjust accordingly. When you nurse or pump, make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and drink plenty of water.

How can I increase my breast milk supply after giving birth?

Keep going! Though your milk supply may take a few days to come in fully, keep pumping and breast feeding every 2-3 hours! It will come! The first portion of breast milk will be colostrum. While not as much in a amount as regular breast milk, it has a higher concentration of nutrients that the child needs.

Took hctz (hydrochlorothiazide) for two days. Breast milk supply has immediately, drastically reduced. Will my supply come back if I stop the medicine?

Unknown. Diuretics or "water pills" should not directly affect your breast milk production...But if it is dehydrating you, I suppose that it could. Talk to your doc about stopping it and/or really increasing your fluid intake and see if that helps. Good luck!

I was given the anti-emetic drug motillium to increase my breast milk supply but I was wondering?

Can't answer. Not avail in us, so relative unknown. Appears as cat c, "unknown risk" but probably safe. Similar to Reglan (metoclopramide) used in us which is cat b, considered safe.

What are some herbal supplements that increase breast milk supply?

Why. Going somewhere. I mean, really. Now that I have your attention, can we talk? If there truly is concern : your pediatrician should know tomorrow, contact the la leche society-french for the smartest, caringest, breast milk gals a person could want.