Are there treatment studies (clinical trials) available for patients with liver cancer?

Yes. There are always studies being run for different kind of cancers. Your best bet is to investigate cancer centers, such as susan g. Komen, etc, to see if they are running studies.
Yes. Many trials are available for nearly all types of cancers. The first place to start is with your oncologist. Additionally, you may find more information at the regional cancer centers or at teaching/university hospitals. Lastly, companies such as private access (www.Privateaccess.Info) help connect patients with clinical trials. [disclaimer: I have no financial interest in private access.].
Yes. There are many treatment clinical trials available for patients with liver cancer and options ae constantly changing as we learn more about liver cancer over time. These trials are usually conducted at liver transplant and/or cancer centers. We participate and enroll our patients in these types of trials at our center.

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Can anything be done to cure advance liver cancer patient after jaundice and ascites sets in. Tumor is large (NV upto 15-16 cm) & liver size is 21 cm.

Very advanced. I am sorry to tell you that at this time there are no effective treatments for a tumor this large. Read more...
Treatment. The treatment for this depends on the type of cancer (hepatoblastoma and hepatocarcinoma are most common) and whether or not the tumor has spread (metastasized) to other areas. Late stage disease is usually not curable, but there may be treatment to reduce the size of the tumor and control symptoms for some time. This is best cared for by a pediatric oncologist. Read more...