Could someone who is ADHD find a therapist to help them with social skills?

Yes! Therapists help us with all kinds of things, including social skills and creating/maintaining relationships.
Yes,but .... Yes, absolutely therapists are invaluable in helping with behavioral modification, skill building, but remember a person might have symptoms of adhd, have adhd , but that is not who they are!
Adhd. Psychotherapy and social skills training are vital components of tx planning for adhd.
Absolutely. This is a common problem for adhd adults and psychologists can help with cognitive-behavioral strategies, role-modeling and social skils training. Chadd.Org has many resources and over the years associates in our practice have written some articles about adhd, social skills, and adult adhd: see the adhd section of http://cpancf.Com/autismspectrumdisorder.Asp.