Face swelling (last q) looks like steroid cheeks- but I'm not on any. Unless Afrin (oxymetazoline) is one? VP Shunt is for Pseudotumor. Revision next week. Lymph drainage massge/anything else help swelling for now?

Need shunt. Fluid in the face is due to an accumulation of lymph fluid. This drains into the lymphatics to reach the superior vena cava. If blocked by a pseudo tumor, then a VP shunt is needed to open the drainage site. Milking of fluid and other approaches would be very temporary.
Interesting, tricky. Afrin contains oxymetazoline which is not a steroid but which does have autonomic effects. Red, puffy cheeks ("steroid" cheeks) not likely but maybe. Pseudotumor is often related to various endocrine dysfunction illness in women. Since shunt revision is planned you already know there is some problem. Talk to your doctor. Don't try to treat face until you know what condition you are treating. .