Is there a risk that the liver biopsy might cause the cancer to spread?

Yes. Any type of biopsy has the potential to increase the spread of cancer. The risk appears to be small, but is a consideration to take into account.
Yes. Althought the risk is low it certain has been reported where cancers has spread in the biopsy tract. Not all liver cancers require biopsy. If the alpha-fetoprotein is greater than 250 it is likely liver cancer. Also many liver cancers have a classic pattern on MRI or triple phase ct where it shows up on the arterial phase.
No. There is no evidence that biopsy increases the risk of other metastases of cancer. On the contrary, knowing exactly what kind of cancer (if any) the patient has is essential for its proper management.
No. Though this has been demonstrated with head and neck cancers, i don't believe the literature has demonstrated spread of liver cancer by biopsy.
Yes. It is reported but luckily a rare event. Many times a liver biopsy is not necessary to diagnose liver cancer and imaging of the liver is enough to make the diagnosis.

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I need a liver biopsy to rule out cancer. My mother spent too much time on Google and is worried that if cancer the biopsy can make it spread. Can it?

Ask the doctor. if this primary liver cancer in consideration, better to see the liver surgeon first otherwise, if cancer is in the liver from somewhere else, it had already spread, and biopsy is the way to go. Read more...
No. This idea has been around for a long time, but there is no evidence to show any cancer spread from needle biopsies in the liver. Don't delay finding out what's there. Here's hoping for good news for you on your results! Read more...