Very yellow wee, pain after weeing and random pains in my vagina with creamy white discharge, what is this?

Pain. Very yellow urine and pain when you pass urine may be associated with an infection. A vaginal discharge can be a normal finding or associated with an infection. You should see a health care provider.
Might be UTI. Pain after urination can be some type of infection. If it is persistent, it is best to have it checked out. A white discharge can be normal but it can also be an infection. Since it is associated with pain, it should be evaluated.

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I've been having really yellow smelly urine and white discharge frm vagina. Plz help?

Here are some... Yellow smely urine may be just normally reflecting urine concentration and what you might consume; to prove such, do urinalysis with properly collected urine specimen. As to white vaginal discharge, collect abd bring the detailed Hx of its onset, degree, duration, and potentially related symptoms over the time to Doc for analysis, physical exam, and possible tests so to define Dx for Rx timely. Read more...