How will my doctor know if I have liver cancer?

Scan. The best test to detect liver cancer are MRI with special enhancing contrast. Triple phase ct scan is also a good test at finding liver cancer. Occasionally a blood test AFP can be elevated in liver cancer, but there is not a perfect correlation.
Screening. Patients identified at a high risk for liver cancer (hcc) will be offered screening by their physician.

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Help doctors! What're your chances of living if you get liver cancer surgery?

Depends on tumor. Nowadays you'll almost certainly leave the hospital alive after surgery. If it's a primary liver cancer and quite small and the surgeons are optimistic about getting it all, you chance of a cure nowadays is probably better than even. Even metastatic disease can be managed for some tumors over years or even decades. You have a right to know the odds from your physician, though, ; decide.

My grandma is diagnosed with liver cancer. She is 70. After biopsy doc says its in d 1st stage. And has to be operated. What r risks? Sirvival rate?

Liver ca. Risk for surgery will depend on her other medical condition- i.E- her heart and lung functions etc. Surgical resection with negative margins will be the best therapy to cure the liver cancer. It is something that I would recommend to my patient- if the surgery can be done safely. Age is important, however how good overall condition will be even more important. Discuss with her mds.
Acceptable risks. Liver cancer has come a long way and people are doing much better. For stage I cancer, the risk profile is such that she is much more likely to survive the operation and live a normal life than if she were to do nothing at all. I can't just give you a number because risk profiles are based on a patient's health status and many other factors, but generally speaking for stage i, surgery is fine.

My father is liver cancer at the moment and his bilirubin level increasing almost 13. The doctors couldnt drain his liver. What can we do to dicrease?

May not be possible. Liver cancer is obviously very bad. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that, given what you're going through with your father. The increasing bilirubin may just be related to compression of the ducts from the growing tumor, and there may really be no way to lower it. Unfortunately just another part of what he's unfortunately going through.

Need doctor's help! Will liver cancer cause swelling in a leg?

Yes it can. Swelling in the legs can occur due to many different liver ailments such as liver failure, blood clots in the legs or blood clots in the veins of the abdomen as well as veins in the liver itself as these veins are often compressed or invaded by the liver cancer resulting in swelling in the abdomen and in the legs..

Hi doctors I am scared that light colored stools indicate liver cancer please help me?

See answer. Very pale or clay colored stools can indicate: 1-obstruction of the biliary tree by gallstones, pancreatic or biliary malignancy. 2-hepatitis 3- medication side effect. It would be unlikely at your ago to have liver cancer. If your concerned speak with your doctor for a routine blood test to detect liver problems.

Hi doctor doesn't liver cancer associate with light colored stool? If not why not

Bile. The color in stool is mostly due to bile and some ingested materials. Light colored stools may occur if there is obstruction to the flow of bile. Liver cancer is not generally associated with obstruction to the flow of bile. You are too young to worry about liver cancer. People at risk of liver cancer those with chronic Hep B or Hep C infection and alcoholics.

Hi doctor I have anxiety over light colored stools indicating liver cancer pleases help me feel better?

See below. There is no association between light colored stools and liver cancer. Get Hepatitis B vaccine. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex.

Looking for a doctor who specializes in small cell metastatic liver cancer. Can you recommend some in chicago? A friend has just been diagnosed as having inoperable liver/lung cancer. Doctors gave her 7 - 10 months to live. We want to continue the figh

Your. Your best bet would be a cancer program attached to one of the medical schools in chicago, such as northwestern or the university of chicago. Those facilities are used to managing difficult cases like this and have access to research protocols that may not be available elsewhere. It's hard to know, without more information, which specialists would be involved in your friend's case. For example, if there is active, progressive disease in both the liver and lung, and if both sites have been called inoperable, then it will probably be a medical oncologist. If the disease is stable in one site but progressive in the other, then organ-specific local therapy like radiation, radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization, radioisotope embolization, and other options may exist. In such cases, the group of doctors might expand to include radiation oncologists, surgeons, and interventional radiologists, among others.
Dr. Ravi Salgia. I personally know dr. Ravi salgia at the university of chicago. He specializes in lung cancers including small cell lung cancer. The university of chicago and northwestern are both superb institutions. Best wishes, ariel.

Birth control pills heighten the chances of liver cancer? A friend is in stage 4 cancer, the doctor blames bc pills. This worries me bc I am on bc

Possible low risk. Contraceptives are known to cause benign ' adenomas ' which may can cause liver bleeding. There may be slight increase of incidence of liver cancer for those who are on contraceptives for 5 or more yeas. Estrogens known to inhibit bilirubin and bile acid production which may be the cause. If you are concerned see your doctor for other alternative method of birth control.