Which iron supplement is recommended to take during pregnancy?

Elemental iron. Any supplementy containing elemental iron such as feosol (ferrous sulfate) will do. Taking 500 to 1000mg of vitamin c will help absorption and help prevent constipation.

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Should I take iron supplement or multivitamin to replace the iron I've just lost during period?

See below. Some ladies loose a lot of blood during their periods for multiple reasons. They are therefore prone to develop iron deficiency anemia. Before taking iron, have your doctor run a complete blood count; and if necessary do other iron studies (serum iron, ferritin, TIBC etc.).

Can I take an iron supplement during my period? Had it on/off for two and a half weeks, pretty sure I'm getting anemic.

Yes. Yes, you can take it during your period. There shouldn't be any problem, unless you get a little upset stomach from the iron and this compounds any upset stomach you have during your period. If you think you're getting anemic please see your doctor. Omeprazole (listed in your meds) can decrease iron absorption.
Anemia. I understand your concern. Thank you for information of using Omeprazole. Omeprazole may reduce the absorption of iron and make iron supplement less effective in treating your Anemia. It can also reduce B12 absorption. See your Physician for diagnosis of Anemia, have necessary tests, consultation and treatment. See a Psychiatrist for Therapy to decrease hyperacidity and decrease/stop Omeprazole.

I was anemic during pregnancy and taking an iron supplement in addition to prenatal. 3 wks postpartum, should I still take iron and prenatal?

Follow up CBC needed. You need to return to the OB MD to have a Complete Blood Count (CBC) done to check on the status of your anemia. Only then will a MD be able to answer your question.
Depends. Anemia is responsive to iron and other supplements such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin E. If your blood count is rising, you may be able to stop the iron after a few months, consult the doctor who prescribed the iron to see what their endpoint is, be your own advocate! Good luck, we're here if you need more information.