When I have blood drawn during a visit to my doctor will it be tested for STDs and hiv/aids aside from proper health functioning?

Not routinely. Routine blood test usually checks for blood count, liver/ kidney / thyroid test as well as cholesterol and diabetes screening. Usually does not include HIV and other std testing unless you request them.
Just ask. This should be done yearly if you are sexually active, but it's up to you ask specifically. If you're sexually active and concerned about stds, or just want to have piece of mind - get both the blood (hiv, hep c, syphilis) and urine test (chlamydia, gonorrhea).
If you ask for it. Stds are generally tested for with cultures or urine tests. Hiv is a blood test, but in most states you need to give special consent to be tested for it. In either case, if you are concerned you can certainly asked to be screened for these things. Your doctor should tell you what he or she is looking for in your lab results regardless of the test, and you most definitely have the right to ask!
No. Unless you request a physician to test for specific stds or mention it to the doctor the usual battery of blood tests such as a complete blood cound or complete metabolic panel does not include std or HIV testing.
Speciality? I f yuse a needle as often as i do, and deal with medication (enbrel, humira, (adalimumab) leflunomide, and others, you need to test for HIV and hepb, or c. We do not routinely test for chlamydia (as ob-gyn doctors do frequently or hpv). But always tell the patient that you need to test them in advance and that is your policy, if it is.
Only if you ask. Many people think that when they have blood tested that "everything" is tested for. That is not only true, it's impossible. There are too many tests possible to get tested for everything that's out there. That's why the lab will only do the tests the doctor orders. If you want to be tested for stds you have to ask. Talk to the doc about what you want to have done.