What is the meaniing of having a psa test of 4.1?

Probably OK, but.... Isolated solitary psa at 4.1 ng/ml is okay for age. But, its realistic significance has to be correlated with serial psa change over time, hx, and the findings of dre. So, see doc in expertise timely. More on psa/prostate cancer? Go to http://www.Formefirst.Com/freeinfoprostate.Html.
Other factors. How old are you? What was your previous psa level? If you are over 60 years of age 4.1 may be within normal limits. However, if you are under 60 and had a previous psa much lower than 4.0 you should see your doctor. Please note that psa is not recommended as a cancer screen.
PSA. Psa, or prostate specific antigen, is a protein made by the prostate. If your prostate is inflamed, infected, enlarged, or has a tumor in it, your level will be elevated. Normally, psa is 4 or less; a level of 4.1, particularly in an older male, may reflect any of the conditions i mentioned. You need to see your dr to discuss this; proper follow-up may be watchful waiting or further tests.