My two year old's penis is swollen and very red! It hurts him to pull it back and clean it. I've put diaper rash cream. No change. What else can I do?

Don't pull it back. Now requires neosporin or Bacitracin oinment.May need some oral antibiotics if it does not respond quickly.Parents should not pull back, baby's, toddlers or little boys foreskins.Foreskin was designed to protect the penile glans & not retracted early. Retraction should wait until a boy is old enough to do it himself. U may have been given incorrect advice by a circumcised dr or well-meaning nurse.
Wash and watch. Question implies non-circumcised? The longer it has existed, the more dramatic any increase in symptoms, the more red, hot, and painful, and the more extensive, the more compelling that it be looked at by a doctor. Clean with gentle soap/water, careful attention to fully retracting then replacing the foreskin, simple antibiotic ointment, and close obs. Dr visit if worried or not improving 12-24 hr.