Is dermaplaning bad for acne? Will hair grow back blunter? Are blackheads different from acne? Is dermaplaning ok for ppl w blackheads? Dermatology.

Yes, no, yes, maybe. Dermaplaning over active acne is not a good idea; it increases the risk of infection & scarring. Hair grows back normally, since dermaplaning is basically a very close shave. Blackheads are plugged oil glands, and the most basic lesion of acne, but blackheads by themselves are not acne per se. Dermaplaning will probably not make blackheads worse, but it is not a treatment for blackheads either.
Derma planing may. help acne a little by taking off dead skin cells. It will not change the hair.Blackheads are part of acne (as are cysts, and papules) But dermaplaing alone won't clear acne. You need a topical retinoids for blackheads.
Okay. This can be done but it may not stop the blackheads. You should see your dermatologist for treatment.