How can I get rid off the oral allergy syndrome?

Avoid offending food. Oral allergy syndrome due to allergic antibody (ige) to pollen which cross-reacts with heat labile proteins in raw fruits/vegetables e.g. Birch pollen ige cross-reacts with apple, peach, etc. Heating the fruit/vegetable destroys the cross-reacting proteins. Avoid the offending foods when raw; can be eaten cooked/canned. Sometimes allergy injections decrease pollen ige so can tolerate raw fruit.
Allergy Shots. Food allergy in general can't be "cured". Avoidance is your best bet for preventing the problem. Now, allergy shots have been shown to be effective for oas is some patients, when the fruit in question has an allergen that is also seen in pollinating plants. For example, patients treated for their "birch allergy" could eventually tolerate fruits like apples.
Elimination diet. Oral allergy syndrome is allergic reaction to foods like nuts and some vegetables.You hve to keep a diary of the foods causing your symptoms, sometimes can not know what is causing, you have to see an allergist.You are placed on a elimination diet of offending foods, and you are challenged by one at a time if you get oral lesions, to confirm, and u do one at a time.Rx is elimination of foods causing.

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Does steaming fruits get rid of symptoms from oral allergy syndrome?

Unlikely. Rather boiling or cooking, proteins need to denatured (destroyed), to stop them from triggering the symptoms. Unlikely that steaming alone would be enough, best wishes. Read more...

I have oral allergy syndrome and can't eat nuts but used a body wash with walnut shell in it. Will I get symptoms?

Oral allergy syndrom. Oral allergy syndrome are local symptoms on contact with certain food due to cross reactivities of those to environmental allergens. It usually does not cause life threatening events like in real food allergies. You can test it on a small area on your skin before applying it to the whole body to gaze how much symptoms you get. Read more...