If you have congestive heart failure.......Would that be seen in an echocardiogram at rest? If not, what tests or such can detect then.

Congestive aheart fa. The diagnosis of congestive heart failure is mstly clinical with edema, shortness of breath, engorged neck veins, liver enlargement and rales in lungs on auscultation.Xray chest, bnp test on blood elevated is done some times and resting echocardiogram is helpful in defining the ejection fraction and other imaging.So resting echo will be helpful along with all others.
Yes. Normal, non-stress echocardiogram is an excellent way to evaluate heart function & efficiency, specifically left ventricular ejection fraction (lvef). Systolic dysfunction is the most common form of heart failure w/low lvef. Diastolic dysfunction is much less common form of heart failure w/normal lvef. Chest xray will reveal decompensated heart failure once fluid starts backing up into lungs.