How many kinds of magnesium are there and what's the best kind for pain relief?

Magnesium. While most american's ingest about 60% or less of the needed mdr of magnesium, using it as a supplement can have some benefits. 1.Helps prevent osteoporosis. 2 can lower blood pressure. 3.Can prevent cramps or leg pain. 4.Binds to oxalate in the small intestine and diminish the likely hood of calcium oxalate stones. The oxide and gluconate forms of mg are common. The gluconate is better absorbed!
Maybe Mg glycinate. Like my colleagues have mentioned, there are many types of magnesium supplements, and they vary in expense and absorption in the human body. You want a form that's well-absorbed because if not, you won't get relief & the excess may cause diarrhea. Mg oxide is common, but only 2-3% absorbed. Mg glycinate and aspartate are chelated to amino acids, so much more easily absorbed in your body.
Magnesium types. There are many kinds of magnesium. Magnesium chloride is the one that is easiest to find, but it is not well absorbed so can cause diarrhea most easily. It is great for pain when used as epsom salts however. Poor a cup in your bathwater and soak, works great for muscle pain. Like dr namey, i like magnesium glycinate best for taking orally as it is well absorbed.
Don't know. Not sure what you are asking.