What do I use for a baby who has both ezcema and a diaper rash?

See pediatrician. You can apply desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) for diaper rash. If not helping- you can try to use triple paste medicated ointment for stubborn diaper rash. For eczema- use moisturizer like curel or cerave. Hydrocortisone 1% cream can also be aplied. However, if eczema is significant- bring your baby to pediatrician for further evaluation and treatment.

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What should I use for a baby who has ezcema and a diaper rash?

Skin care. Eczema needs constant moisturizers, the diaper rash means frequent changing, looking for the best diaper that does not cause the baby problems and applying topical creams to keep the skin moisturized and less inflamed. Did you see your pediatrician about it? Read more...