What should I do if I have a positive stool blood test result?

See your doctor. That is always abnormal. You should see your doctor for further evaluation of this. It may be minor but you can't be sure until evaluated.

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Blood test result was fine. Stool test is fine no blood no parasite. Why am I still losing weight? 18 years old. Can this be cancer?

Multiple factors. Stress, tension, anxiety, depression thyroid issues, metabolic dysfunction. Do yourslef a favor and get a comprehensive physicial exam to include comprehensive blood and urine testing. Weight loss deserves much further evaluation.
Not likely. If you are loosing weight, we need to know your diet, activity etc. Do you have any fever, joint pain or swelling etc. Also need to know how much wt have you lost in what period of time, what are your symptoms? You definitely need to be evaluated thoroughly by your physician.

What could cause a positive iFOBT (stool blood) test in a young 23 yr old male? And is it serious? Doc referred me to GI

Many things! I'm assuming your doc ordered the test for a symptom, or anemia work up. If so, could be stomach ulcer, ulcer anywhere along gut, to bleeding diverticula in colon or even a hemmoroid. Also, vitamin with iron, nosebleed (because swallowed blood) or anything where blood gets into GI tract. Older tests would also turn positive if you had eaten red meat or spinach due to iron. Hope that helps!
True or false +'s.... ..are possible. Whether blood is ingested, or originates in your gut, an occult blood test may be positive. Consider stopping any aspirin or NSAID use now (unless prescribed), and keep your GI appointment please.