What to do if I have a huge canker sore on my tongue and it hurts, how can I prevent canker sores?

Canker sores. are the most common oral lesions. Individual ulcers typically last 1-2 weeks. The condition is idiopathic (cause is not known) recurrent aphthous ulcers is usually self-limiting. Try to keep adequate oral hygiene as possible. If concerned see your dentist after 10 days or visit today for laser immediate amelioration.
Zilactin;Orabase. Mintox is for stomach acid and will probably have little effect on the canker sore (apthous ulcer). Zilactin (OTC) has tannic acid which tends to cauterize and help heal; Orabase (OTC) and Kenalog (triamcinolone) in Orabase (script) are also effective. Avoid spicy and acid foods and toothpastes containing SLSA to reduce future outbreaks of these sores.