Will I need to get callous surgery for a toe joint callus?

If the callous. Is on top of the toe usually the toe is bending and your shoe rubs on it. If you decide to have surgery then the toe will get straightened. If between toes, often all that is needed is to remove the nub of bone hat protrudes.

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What is the definition or description of: Toe joint callus?

Between a bone and.. A toe joint callus is an area of hardened or callused skin formation immediately over one of many joints formed by toe bones. The callus can be found on the top, bottom or either side of the toe. It is typically caused by pressure being applied to the skin's surface between the underlying bones and an overlying shoe, floor or even another toe. Left untreated, the callus can become a problem. Read more...

I had a callous cut off my foot and it grew back in 1 day. Should I consider Surgery?

What kind of surgery. it depends on the location of callous. Have you have a changes on your footwear? What kind of surgery you are considering? Footwear plays a significant role in foot callous formation. Good luck! Read more...