I want to know if a uterine fibroid is harmful to an unborn baby?

Typically not. Fibroids can interefere with any part of the reproductive pathway from fertilization (blocking fallopian tube opening) to delivery (blocking birth canal) and all points in between. It can cause an early fetal demise and can cause premature labor. However, most women with fibroids and a developing fetus will do just fine. The fibroids will tend to grow and woman watched more closely by obgyn.
Maybe. These are bundles of scarred muscle cells in the wall of the uterus. One the size of a peanut would not have as much effect as one the size of a football. As the uterus wall thins out during pregnancy, the fibroid can distort the "room" for the fetus, constrict baby movements, distort babies appearance & force a c-section delivery. If you have one you should consult your doc on how yours would be.

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7 week scan shows 3cm uterine fibroid but no sac or baby on intravaginal scan. Could it be that fibroid is hiding out the baby?

No. The ultrasound should be able to see the pregnancy even with a fibroid. To fully interpret the Ultrasound your doctor should have measured an HCG level. It may be still too early on the pregnancy to see the baby if your dates are off.

Is it safe to carry baby when having uterine fibroids?

?? about getting Pg. Uterine fibroids (fibrous balls) in the wall of the uterus come in various sizes & may or may not create pbs in pregnancy. I occasionally see infants born to moms with fibroids that have a transient distortion in their facial features or never quite make it into head down or bottom down position due to the irregular shape of the womb. Your OB can give an idea if your situation would be a pbm.
Location/size impt. Although uncommon, we do see fibroids on ultrasound during pregnancy. Most of the time unless the fibroids are in the uterine cavity the pregnancy proceeds without problems. In some cases where the fibroids are numerous and of a certain size, they can increase the risk of premature labor or in thankfully rare cases, cause a premature separation of the placenta prior to labor called an abruption.

Can a woman with uterine fibroid have a normal full-term baby?

Fibroids. Uterine fibroids don't always cause problems during a pregnancy. It depends upon how many fibroids there are, where they are, and how large the fibroids are. A term delivery is certainly possible, but large uterine fibroids can increase the risk of premature delivery.
Certainly! Most women with fibroid uteri deliver normal term babies - although they are at increased risk for preterm birth, malpresentation, cesarean section, placenta accreta and postpartum hemorrhage.

I am 34 yrs old female with uterine fibroids. I have a five yr old daughter. What precautions I have to take in case I go for second baby?

Several. Most women with fibroids are able to concieve and carry a child normally. However, sometimes uterine fibroids may prevent pregnancy. And they may grow and become more painful during pregnancy. Be sure you get good prenatal care right from the start.