Do local anesthetics have any bad effects on infants?

Not in right dose. All local anesthetics must be used in the proper dose, which is based on the weight of the patient. In tiny babies, this means that only a small amount may be used. With the right dose, these medications are extremely safe and have been used for many years in patients of all ages. The effects are short-actiing. Local anesthetics used properly do not cause sleepiness or affect breathing.
No. Normal therapeutic anesthetic drugs given locally to mother may not affect the infants. By the time the anesthetic reaches the infant's circulation, the anesthetic may be infinitismal...Because the drug is metabolized by the mother's system as soon as it enters the general circulation.
Safe in normal doses. Local anesthetics, like any drug, can be dangerous when given at toxic doses. However, when used by trained professionals, they may provide the safest and most-effective anesthetic/pain control. Even pain itself has bad effects on the body.
No. Careful planning and a good medical history from the parents is essential. The type of surgery the infant is having and if there are any current medical problems. With a good anesthetic plan, the infant should be fine. Anesthesia can make the infant drowsy for a few hours.