Mild chest pain. Crackle in throat. Coughing brown phelgm. Quit smoking before 2 months. Chest xray clear. Laryngoscopy clear. Lung cancer?

No. Sounds like bronchitis with some pleuritis possibly. If have been on antibiotics and no relief u may require a different kind. Other option is to see a lung doctor for bronchoscopy.

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I quit smoking bfr 4dys after 10pack yr smoking history my age is 30.I feard about Lung Cancer, I found black&blood particles in sputum and chest pain?

I can understand why. you feel apprehensive. Your chest pain & tightness combined with sputum changes (which might not be from lung) and smoking history would making seeing a physician a good idea. I would not panic or make any assumptions. Congratulations on quitting !! Please do be seen. Read more...

I am 25. 5 yrs smoking history but quit it 3 mnths ago. Coughing brown phelgm & chest pain sometime. Is it lung cancer or lung cancer possible at 25?

Unlikely. Lung cancer takes quite a while to develop. Your lungs are just clearing out the leftover garbage left down in there from smoking. This is pretty common. Congratulations on quitting smoking - probably the BEST thing you could ever do for your health! Read more...