What are symptoms of neurogenic atrophy in thenar muscle from nerve damage? Can it be treated?

Nerve damage. Weakness of the thenar muscles leads to weakness in grip, opening jars, and difficulty with daily hygiene. Occupational therapy can rebuild strength in the hand. See a neurosurgeon for evaluation of the weakness.

Related Questions

Can I die from neurogenic atrophy in thenar muscle from nerve injury of puncture wound?

Need to treat wound. You will not die from the muscle atrophy from a nerve injury to the thenar (thumb) muscles. However, you do need to be sure to treat the acute puncture wound so as not to develop an infection which could be dangerous and has a very low risk of being fatal. If this is an acute recent injury you should seek medical care. Read more...

How would I know if I have nerve damage or nerve inflammation in my thenar muscle? What are the symptoms?

Exam, emg/ncv. A good history and exam by a doctor as well as a possible EMG/nerve conduction test can be used to come down to this diagnosis. Symptoms could include numbness, weakness, or tingling in the thenar area. Read more...