Can I get pregnant on zoladex (goserelin)?

No! Zoladex (goserelin) is pregnancy category x, which means there is positive evidence of harm to the fetus in women who are taking it.

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I'm worried that I may be pregnant, I had a zoladex (goserelin) injection in november 10, 8mg, but I still haven't started bleeding, could it be possible.

Take a test. If you're worried that you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. They are fast and effective and accurate and will give you the information that you are seeking.

My wife had an endometriosis due to chocolate csyst then 3 months of zoladex (goserelin) 3.5 mg medication. How are the chances f having a healthy pregnancy.

Patent Tubes? Hard to counsel your chances without all the information available. One thing to consider though is that endometriosis to the degree that leads to a cyst requiring surgical removal may sometimes affect the tubes, which if they're not open, then your chances are 0%. Hysterosalpingogram is a study that injects dye through the cervix to determine if the tubes are open.

I had a laparoscopy and endometriosis was unable to be removed. Ovaries and ft fine. Will lupron/zoladex increase chances of pregnancy? Then do ivf?

Endometriosis. Lupron (leuprolide) should increase your chances of pregnancy right after you stop it (can't get pregnant will taking it). After an interval, the endometriosis will return to cause issues.
Maybe. There is little evidence that treating endometriosis with lupron, (leuprolide) zoladex or other other gnrh agonists will help you get pregnant even after surgery even though this is commonly done. On the contrary, surgery and ivf may help. There is some recent evidence that prolonged suppression with Lupron (leuprolide) before ivf may be helpful so this likely why your dr is doing this.